Turkey: yes or no ?

It’s the good moment to ask for the right questions about the entrance of Turkey in European Union.

We shall recognize we have listened all and its contrary.

One shall admit first ,that the entrance in EU, for a country , is more difficult than it’s usally told;
it’s a long road with steps to climb up , observed by the EU Commission, helped by an obligation to closer the state’s law to European laws, forced to apply the same democratic rules than in other states of EU. In fact, many oppositions against the entrance of Turkey could disapear , regarding to the very long time necessary for the Turkey to acceed at the level . With patience, Cyprius will become a united, independant and freedom country, Armenian problem could find solutions, military importance will decrease gradually, economic level will certainly grow…One can say that access to EU is THE best way to spread democraty and economic developpement around actual European Union.It’s a chance for her, and for her neighbours. But one will require it must be a question of level reached by Turkey’s People, because it cannot be a question of date.Can we be sure, when negociations are open, that they can be arrested?Can we be sure, when it is decided to check the level in ten years, that it will still be possible to say no »you are not ready, wait for ten years more »?

One shall admit secondly, that Turkey is, for a good part, an asiatic state: so, it’s entrance in EU would sign the end of old Europe, would offer to other countries ,as Magrehb countries for example, the good reason to ask for comming inside EU. In this debate, we must think about the clash between American Continent, Asiatic , and European Continent.More powerfull will EU be, more easy it will be to resist to economic or political pression of other great unions.We can remenber that the demographic weight of actual EU is not enough to seat its powerfull.So, we might regard the entrance of Turkey as a fantastic weapon for European powerful. But one will require it must be a question in a narrow future, because the world needs a strong european voice in emmergency. Can we be sure, as soon as Turkey were a EU’s state, that EU can still function with actual project of Constitution, and can become quikly a powerful union?

One shall also speak about musulman people in Turkey’s land: the great chance, to provide the war of civilisation, and to limit islamism and its terrorists effects, may perhaps consists in including Turkey in EU. This kind of thinking remembers in several states of Europe, musulman religion is the second one, and hopes to resolv violence by the soft road.
But, from an evident difference, historic and cultural, could EU become an Europowerfull with people as different as Turkey’s people are? In other words, it’s absolutly not a question of religion’s practise in private life, but it’s important to consider the relationship between musulman religion and
state’s gouvernance.

To close the debate, nothing is sure, all must be studied with patience and prudence.We just can say
it’s earlier now, so it’s no. But it might be YES in an unknown future, with no date, but with a level for the entrance.
Pierre Maudoux

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